Our third annual Rose’ on the Bay event is a perfect example of how the “KidWorks Women,” (KWW) auxiliary group is making such a positive impact since they officially formed a few months ago.

The 2022 event, held Sept. 14, raised $25,000 for KidWorks’ programs. Over 100 women attended—twice the amount who participated in 2021. Guests enjoyed food, wine and live music while relaxing at the scenic Newport Harbor.

All proceeds from the event are at work helping KidWorks students continue on their path of academic success.

“What made this year’s event so special was that in addition to the funds raised on behalf of students, the gathering also introduced dozens of women to KidWorks for the first time,” says Sue Willett, Chair for Rose’ on the Bay.

She adds, “Women who attended our previous events brought their daughters, friends and neighbors. It was truly multi-generational. This will lead to increased participation in the KidWorks Women group and support for KidWorks.”

“As a new auxiliary group, KidWorks Women is making great strides in raising funds and awareness for the transformational programs at KidWorks,” says Kyle Team, a Rose’ on the Bay Committee member and member of the KidWorks Board of Directors. 

Sue and Kyle say the addition of new committee members, more sponsorships and an intentional outreach to young professional women made the 2022 event especially successful.

Sue and Kyle join KidWorks in expressing our gratitude to Craig and Arlene Silvers.  

“This generous couple opened their bay front Peninsula Point home and donated all the rentals, including the beautiful flowers,” Kyle says.  “We are also grateful to KidWorks board member Pat Merrell for getting all the wine donated.”  

The majority of other costs for the event were covered by the committee members, allowing all proceeds to benefit to KidWorks.

KidWorks thanks the Rose’ on the Bay committee:

Kim Carpenter
Sandy DeYoung
Emily Mandrup
Lori McKay
Heidi Mendoza

Arlene Silvers
Ellen Small
Kyle Team
Sue Willett
Amanda Zimmerman

The event also included inspiration as guests heard personal KidWorks stories from Alma Magana, one of our preschool teachers, and her daughter, Betty Ayala a former KidWorks student and teacher, who is now a licensed social worker.

“Many years ago, as a single mom raising two little girls, KidWorks became a crucial support group for me,” Alma says.

She adds, “KidWorks provided countless volunteer opportunities, such as field trips, and summer camps for me and my little girls. I became an active parent and staff member. For many years KidWorks was our home away from home and continues to be.”

“As a very quiet child, KidWorks helped me to find my voice and realize that I had leadership potential,” Betty says. “The leadership skills I learned back then have proven to be invaluable.”

She adds, “In college, I became vice president of the campus Latino organization. To this day, I still use so much of what I learned at KidWorks in my profession.”

“The mission of the KidWorks committee is ‘Fun, Faith and Philanthropy’,” says Kyle. “Rose’ on the Bay hit all three targets.”

The 2023 event is set for Wed., Sept. 20. More information about how to join in on the fun is at kidworksoc.org/rose.

By Glenn Leibowitz, volunteer writer