30 Years unleashing youth potential

30 Faces of KidWorks

For 30 years, one of the greatest gifts we’ve witnessed firsthand is how—one by one—lives are transformed at each of our centers. We are grateful for the way God weaves KidWorks into the lives of our students, volunteers, partners and staff, working through those He’s called to serve.  Over the next year, we’re highlighting “30 Faces of KidWorks” in recognition of our 30th anniversary. Please join us in learning about 30 individuals (and countless others) who have been instrumental to our journey so far. It gives us such joy to share these personal stories of love and service with you.  

  • Patrick Donahue

    Laguna Beach

  • Thomas L. Schriber

    Corona Del Mar

  • Uncle Dan Bear

    Santa Ana

  • Jessica Ellis

    Long Beach

  • Jeritzel Moraz

    Santa Ana

  • Guadalupe Reyes

    Garden Grove

  • Dr. Susie Lopez-Guerra

    Santa Ana

  • David Benavides

    Santa Ana

  • Hector Mora

    Santa Ana

  • Rachid Chamtieh

    Tustin Ranch

  • Antonienta Pintor

    Santa Ana

  • Glenn Leibowitz


  • Michele Martinez

    Santa Ana

  • Monica Mendoza

    Dana Point

  • Ava Steaffens

    Santa Ana

  • Camille Strader

    Newport Beach

  • St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

    Newport Beach

  • Melissa Ley Marshall

    Costa Mesa

  • Steve & Susie Perry

    Newport Coast

  • Gabi & Omar Cova

    Santa Ana

  • Jonathan Calvillo

    Atlanta, GA

  • Jayme & Larry Acosta

    Santa Ana

  • Ruben Ruiz

    Santa Ana

  • Javier Morales

    Costa Mesa

  • Alma Magaña

    Santa Ana

  • Robert W. Howard

    Laguna Woods

  • Jared Pacheco

    Santa Ana

  • Dominga Sanchez

    Santa Ana

  • Julie Herrick