For the fourth consecutive year, KidWorks has received a four-star rating from Charity Navigator. This organization is considered the premier independent third-party evaluator of non-profits.  

A four-star rating is the highest possible rating from Charity Navigator.  Out of the thousands of nonprofits Charity Navigator evaluates, only one in four earns 4 stars — a rating that demands rigor, responsibility and commitment to openness.

Over 225,000 charities are rated by Charity Navigator since the organization was founded in 2001. They describe themselves as shining “a light on the cost-effectiveness and overall health of a charity’s programs, including measures of stability, efficiency, and sustainability.

The metrics inform donors of not just where their dollars are going but what their dollars are doing.”

Charity Navigator adds, “We don’t charge the charities we evaluate, ensuring our ratings remain objective.”

“Donors have a right to expect the highest level of integrity, transparency and effectiveness from the charities and non-profits they support,” says David Benavides, KidWorks’ Chief Executive Officer.  “Our four-star rating from Charity Navigator inspires us to always exceed the rigorous standards to which we are held and assures our supporters that we will always do so.”

Adds David, “Charity Navigator helps guide the path to intelligent giving and their ranking system shines a light on effective organizations, such as ours.”

In their message to KidWorks informing us of our four-star rating, Charity Navigator wrote, “Thank you for making a difference in your community.”

Charity Navigator awarded KidWorks perfect scores in their Key Accountability Metrics in the areas of “Accountability & Finance” and “Leadership & Adaptability” and an overall organizational ranking of 100%.

“KidWorks deeply values the trust of every partner and supporter and we are grateful that Charity Navigator provides yet another way for everyone to be confident that we remain true to the values that have always guided us we celebrate over 30 years serving children, youth and families in Santa Ana,” David says.