We love to capture special moments here at KidWorks. Here are some of our favorite videos!

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KidWorks preschoolers perform God Bless America during their graduation from preschool. To learn more about KidWorks please visit www.kidworksoc.org

2016 Foundation For Success Luncheon video featuring KidWorks students, Maribel & Tony!

A simple prayer request from Kyle Team changed her life three years ago!

Ceder Evergreen Beautification Day! 

Thank you for joining us at the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation for Success Luncheon. 

Javier and Sandra's story - Building Dreams Capital Campaign

For over 20 years, KidWorks has been a safe haven in central Santa Ana. 

An oldie but a goodie! Check out one of our favorites for a little history on KidWorks