That generosity includes supporting KidWorks for many years.

The Fainbarg Family Foundation is one of several charitable giving foundations created by the family and it’s the one that’s helped dozens of our students and families over many years.

“When we learned about KidWorks it felt like the right place to donate,” says Nancy Chase, the daughter of Allan (who passed seven years ago) and his wife, Sandy, now 92.

Allan and Sandy, their children and their children’s children have all been involved in philanthropy for many years. This generational focus on giving includes these family members in addition to Allan and Sandy:

Nancy and her husband, Irving Chase; adult children, Catie; Ryan and his wife, Brooke; and their young children, Sadie and Ben; and Nancy’s brother, Steven.

“My parents are great role models for philanthropy,” Nancy says. “They always gave of their time and money. That is what we knew growing up. It is just a part of who we are. 

“We are hoping to be great role models for our children and grandchildren. They all give of their time and money,” Nancy says.

This includes the youngest family members.

“I teach my grandkids about volunteering and donating money,” Nancy says. “For my granddaughter’s birthday I gave her the Heifer catalogue and let her pick out an animal to buy to help a family in need and to teach her how an animal can help support a family.

“With the grandkids, we collect food for a food bank, bake cookies for shelters and more,” Nancy says. “We also put coins in a tzedakah charity box where they will get to choose where to donate the money when the box is filled.”

Adds Nancy, “KidWorks helps the underserved in Santa Ana. These are hardworking and loving families who deserve to have the same chances of success as others.”

Nancy is inspired by the positive results that her family’s generosity has helped make possible:

“We see 100 percent of KidWorks students graduate from high school and then go to college and accomplish so much.”

The Fainbarg family deeply values education, just as we do.

“We all believe that education is one of the keys to success and KidWorks does a great job with this,” Nancy says.

She adds, “We are inspired by the way KidWorks walks alongside students starting in preschool and all the way through college. Our three generations support KidWorks as it also serves multi-generations. We see the difference this makes.”

The Fainbarg family’s positive impact also extends beyond support of education.

The foundation’s support also helps finance a benevolent fund managed by our Parent Advisory Council. The benevolent fund assists families facing a range of crises.

“This has included situations where families haven’t been able to afford groceries because of a job loss or illness, help with funeral expenses upon the death of a loved one and much more,” says Sonia Rios-Guzman, our Parent Engagement Coordinator.

The Fainbarg’s have also supported our annual Foundation for Success luncheon, which raises funds for our after-school programs that equip nearly 1,500 students in grades preschool through high school.

They also supported the capital campaign that made possible a major renovation and expansion of the Dan Donahue Center, a project completed in 2017.

The family provided a major financial donation for the creation of an outside sports court at the Donahue Center, where students daily enjoy sports, outside activities and other ways to interact with friends, staff and volunteers.

Other monies donated by the family have gone to support college applications, summer camp and career certificate programs.

“It speaks to the character of this remarkable family that three generations have made serving others such a significant part of their lives,” says David Benavides, our Executive Director/CEO. “It shows that legacy giving and foundations can allow non-profits such as KidWorks to significantly expand the ways we serve others.”

Nancy reflects on KidWorks contributions to the community, saying, “We see how the numbers of children, youth and parents served have grown every year. KidWorks is truly making a difference in the lives of so many.”

Adds Nancy, “KidWorks has an incredible and caring staff led by its amazing leader in David Benavides.”

In their spare time, family members enjoy a variety of leisure activities. Nancy enjoys spending time with my family, friends and volunteering. Irv enjoys gardening with succulents, reading and volunteering. Catie enjoys playing soccer and traveling. Ryan enjoys running and time with family and friends. Steven enjoys traveling.

As KidWorks approaches our 30-year anniversary, the Fainbarg family is excited to be part of our future.

 “Our dreams for KidWorks are to serve as many families as possible and to make a difference in the Santa Ana community,” Nancy says. 

Nancy says it perfectly when she describes the Fainbarg Family Foundation’s engagement with KidWorks: “To give future generations hope and chances for success so that they can pay it forward for themselves and the next generation.”

The Fainbarg family continues to “pay it forward” through multi-generational giving that inspires in immeasurable ways at KidWorks and with the hundreds of families we serve. We are deeply grateful.

By Glenn Leibowitz, volunteer writer