Dear Friends,

Welcome to 2020 at KidWorks—which I’m tempted to write as 20/20 since it gives me a chance to share our “20/20 Vision.” We’re always evolving at KidWorks because our community’s needs and opportunities are always evolving.  We have such wonderful opportunities in 2020, and KidWorks’ 20/20 vision keeps focused on continuing, more strongly than ever, our mission that began in 1993. 

Our 20/20 vision for 2020 (and beyond) includes:

Program Success Strategies:  Everything we do is now focused on our newly announced Program Success Strategies.  The three key components are:



After School Program Enhancements:  Like all of our programs, our after school programs develop learners and leaders who are “life-ready.”  Among the new ways we’re doing this are:


Development Outreach:  Income to fund our many programs and four centers  that serve 1,100 students weekly comes from various sources.  We’re continuing to expand our network of supporters through outreach to corporations, churches, foundations, individuals and other partnerships.

We have two new fundraising events including our Festival of Chefs and a Pickle Ball Tournament.

We see such wonderful opportunities in 2020, and KidWorks’ 20/20 vision keeps us focused on continuing the faith-based mission that began in 1993 and continues more strongly than ever today.  Thanks for walking alongside us on this incredible and ongoing journey as we venture into the next decade! 


With Gratitude,

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David Benavides,

KidWorks CEO/Executive Director