KidWorks Program Success Strategies


Santa Ana is constantly evolving. Likewise, KidWorks is always transforming to meet the new and compelling needs of the community and the hundreds of students and parents we serve each week.

That’s why the entire KidWorks team is excited to let you know about our recent strategic decision to strongly focus on what we’re calling our Program Success Strategies. 

What do we mean by Program Success strategies?  Simply this: These are the three guiding principles that lead us in everything we do at KidWorks.  By that I mean, all the elements of our year-round and after school programs, curriculum, community involvement, communications and student and parent engagement. 

To be clear, this is not a radical departure from what’s guided us since we first opened our doors in 1993. Rather, it’s part of a continued refinement, perfecting and growing of what’s always been our mission:  To restore at-risk neighborhoods, one life at a time.

All KidWorks programs from preschool through college will have the cohesive focus of:

  • Personal development: Young people develop the confidence, values, social competencies, and self-identity to reach their potential

  • College and career readiness: Young people are provided with a clear path and support toward higher education and a future career

  • Leadership development: Young people gain knowledge, compassion, and skills to give back to their community

Our goal is to create:

•          Learners: Educating students so they have a brighter future

•          Life Ready: Developing the whole person so they can make wise decisions and thrive

•          Leaders: Equipping young leaders who make a difference


We believe the outcomes of our Program Success Strategies will be clear and measurable:  Confident, self-reliant young adults who are fully equipped for the workforce and motivated to give back.

One of the misconceptions about KidWorks is that we are simply an after-school program.  That’s too limiting.  Our Program Success Strategies push us to be far more cohesive.

You’ll hear much more about our Program Success Strategies in all of our communications.  More than that, you’ll see each of the three come alive within our hundreds of students.