From Pre-K to BA: KidWorks College Success Initiative

At KidWorks, 100% of our  high school seniors graduate on  time and 100% go on to college or university. And until now, we thought of them as our alumni. With the launch of our new KidWorks College Success Initiative™  we now serve students from
Pre-K to B.A., making an 18 year commitment to each student at KidWorks.  


The students we serve live near or below the poverty line and face significant barriers to education.  Often their families are caught in a poverty cycle and are just surviving.  The best way to break the cycle is preventing it in the next generation. Currently 89% of low-income students leave college without a degree and 25% leave after their first year (known as Summer Melt).  

Our KidWorks College Success Initiative™ is aimed at ending the poverty cycle by providing our students the tools they need to graduate from college and launch careers that break the cycle.  Education leads to higher income, improved health, lower crime rates and a better future.  At KidWorks, we know eventually the cycle of poverty breaks.  One family at a time.

Philanthropist, business leader, educator and long-time supporter of KidWorks, David A. Pyle, has provided us with a one million dollar matching grant opportunity.  This grant provides KidWorks with the funding needed to implement our new KidWorks College Success Initiative™.

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Did You know in Santa Ana:

*55% of people over 25 have graduated from High School

*12% of people over 25 have a bachelors degree (or higher)

*89% of low-income 1st generation students leave college without graduating

*People without a degree earn 56% less than those without a degree

* There are 12,472 residents per square mile in the City of Santa Ana, making it the 4th most densely populated city in the United States

Education leads to higher income, improved health, lower crime rates, strengthened communities and a better future.

How You Can Help

Donate to the KidWorks College Success Initiative™  and double your impact.  You will be helping us improve our community by ending the poverty cycle. Every dollar you give becomes two and every dollar you give changes a life!

To learn more about the program or make a matching gift please contact Erika Sanchez at (714) 834-9400 or e-mail

KidWorks would not exist today without the expertise, time, and enthusiasm of its volunteers.  Whether you volunteer in a classroom, tutor students 1:1, or lead a workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to cultivate healthy relationships with our students and help place them on the path towards college. In turn, you will find that volunteering for KidWorks will transform your life.