If you’ve got an extra car, truck, RV or boat that you no longer need, make the most of it by donating that vehicle to KidWorks. In exchange, you’ll be supporting numerous KidWorks students on their path towards college and career success.

“I recently donated an older model Honda Civic through Charitable Adult Rides & Services (CARS), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that administers vehicle donations to KidWorks,” says Glenn Leibowitz, a longtime KidWorks volunteer. “The process was far simpler and much more efficient than I could have imagined. I’m aware that there are some less than reliable ‘donate your car’ and ‘we buy junk cars’ services out there, so I had real peace of mind knowing that I’d be donating a car through a resource thoroughly vetted by KidWorks.

Adds Glenn, “The whole process took just a few days. The service picked  up my car at no cost to me, provided the necessary paperwork for tax purposes and generated meaningful dollars for KidWorks when the car was auctioned the very next week.”

To find out more about how to donate a vehicle, boat or RV to KidWorks, please visit this link, or call (714) 834-9400×133 to learn more.

(Editor’s Note:  KidWorks is deeply grateful to everyone who supports our students through gifts of time, talent and resources. This month, we’re launching a new feature called “Ways to Give.”  We’ll share additional ways you can enhance how you may already be helping those we serve. Our first story describes how to donate a vehicle, boat and/or recreational vehicle.)