For many years during the 2000s, students at our Dan Donahue Center would eagerly await the arrival of Robert “Bob” White for his weekly tutoring sessions at our Dan Donahue Center.

“Mr. Bob! Mr. Bob!” they would shout, before running up to give him a hug, although many of the youngest were barely tall enough to reach his knees.

Mr. White recently passed away at the age of 93.

The entire KidWorks team mourns his passing. Many of our longtime staff members recall his warm presence and the way he always encouraged students to do their best.

Mr. White began volunteering in our after-school programs in 2003, making a connection with KidWorks through his attendance at Village Bible Church.  He and his wife, Lydia were also donors over the years.

“Bob had the perfect blend of getting the students to laugh at his kidding around while also keeping them focused on their homework and completing school assignments to the best of their ability,” says David Benavides, KidWOrks Chief Executive Officer.

“Bob was also a role model, having served as a U.S. Marine and then having had a successful career working for Orange County government in finance capacities,” David adds. 

Mr. White was especially adept at working with second graders during after-school homework sessions. The kids might cajole him to “please just give me the answer,” but this wise tutor would instead lead them through the steps to get to the answer themselves.

Mr. White also had a bit of a mischievous side. During snack time, he might hide an item behind his back and feign innocence before returning it to a laughing student who always pretended to be surprised no matter how many times Bob repeated the prank.

Many of the students Mr. Bob tutored are now young adults. He positively impacted their lives—and ours—forever.  We miss our dear friend.