Starting KidWorks Campus Crash off with a bang, KidWorks high school students and parents met at UC Irvine on April 1st to tour their campus, connect with current college students and consider future career paths. 

After being dropped off at the UCI flagpoles, students learned fun facts about the different dorms, subjects to study and food options available to students. The tour guides showed off a couple of UCI’s prestigious schools, like their schools of engineering and business. Students also got a chance to check out university merch at the campus store and take a Starbucks run before heading back to their next stop. From there, students were transported to a lunch and tour at Irvine Valley College to explore more options for future education. 

Students heard from speakers about the many programs and services IVC offers for student success and learned about the IVC Basic Needs Program. The group also got the opportunity to tour some of the campus buildings such as the Computer Science building, and the career and transfer center. One student shared, “I really enjoyed learning about the campus, especially hearing about the soccer team and other sports.”

Overall, the first day of Campus Crash was a success! The tours were a great way to provide a vision for college, ignite an excitement for learning and show that learning is a lifelong pursuit.

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