Help KidWorks youth get a big academic boost on Sept. 21 when we join forces with 17 other Orange County youth-oriented organizations for the fourth annual “Igniting Potential” giving day led by the Orange County Community Foundation.

“I invite everyone to join forces to help KidWorks reach our goal to raise $100,000 over 24 hours to support our College Success Initiative™, where we walk alongside a student from ‘pre-K to B.A,’’’ says Beckie White, our Manager, Marketing & Communications. 

Adds Beckie, “What makes this year’s opportunity especially exciting is that our class of 2023 seniors will be the largest college/university-bound graduating class in our history.”

Here’s another amazing statistic: 44 percent of those 2023 high school seniors have been enrolled in KidWorks programs since they were in preschool. That’s a testament to the successful goal of higher education that we instill in every student from Day One.

What’s even more exciting it that every gift up to a cumulative total of $50,000 will be matched dollar-for-dollar

Be a part of this once-a-year event:

“KidWorks’ College Success Initiative is equipping students from kindergarten through college graduation to earn degrees and be fully prepared to enter the workforce,” says David Benavides, our Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director.  “Every dollar donated during the ‘Igniting Potential’ event is a long-term investment in Santa Ana’s youth.”

David adds, “Fully 100% of our high school seniors graduate on time and 100% go on to a college or university. The money raised for our College Success Initiative during the Igniting Potential event will assure that that this trend continues far into the future.”

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