Between COVID-19 and the digital divide, KidWorks youth need your support now more than ever.   

You can help ensure college success for KidWorks’ youth gets a big boost on Sept. 23 when we join with 11 other Orange County youth-oriented organizations for the third annual “Igniting Potential” giving day led by the Orange County Community Foundation.

“KidWorks’ goal to raise $40,000 over 24 hours to support our College Success Initiative™,’’’ says Lisa Gels, our Associate Director of Development.  “As our operations and fundraisers have been severely impacted, now, more than ever, your support is so critical to our success.”

Adds Lisa, “COVID-19 means that college and university-bound students are experiencing additional pressure beyond the normal transition from high school to higher education. KidWorks students have added stress ensuring they have adequate access to technology, a quiet place to study and their families are able to pay rent and put food on the table.”

That’s why ‘Igniting Potential’ has added significance in 2020.”

Here’s what makes the opportunity to support Igniting Potential even more exciting: 

A generous KidWorks donor will match dollar-for-dollar every gift up to a cumulative total of $20,000

Here’s how you can be part of this once-a-year event:

·      Create a personalized fundraising page that shares why you support KidWorks

·      Share about Giving Day with your friends on e-mail and social media leading up to September 23.

·      Give securely online to KidWorks on September 23 (even $5 can make a BIG difference for a KidWorks student AND with the match it DOUBLES the impact!


“KidWorks’ College Success Initiative is equipping students from kindergarten  through college graduation to earn degrees and be fully prepared to enter the workforce,” says David Benavides, our Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director.  “Every dollar donated during the ‘Igniting Potential’ event is a long-term investment in Santa Ana’s youth.”

David adds, “For the past six years, 100% of our high school seniors graduate on time and 100% continue on to higher education. The monies raised for our College Success Initiative during the Igniting Potential event will assure that that this trend continues far into the future.”

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