KidWorks proudly announces that longtime supporters Camille and Tim Strader, Jr., are our 2023 Foundation for Success Luncheon honorees and recipients of the Dan Donahue Leadership award.

KidWorks 17th annual Foundation for Success luncheon takes place, Thursday, Nov. 9, at the DoubleTree Santa Ana.

“The list of Camille and Tim’s contributions to KidWorks over the years are too many to calculate,” says David Benavides, our CEO/Executive Director. “They’ve been generous with time, talent and donations, along with trusted leadership counsel.”

Adds David, “This very special, once-a-year award recognizes KidWorks’ most fervent supporters who share our passion and commitment to provide educational opportunities and life-changing experiences for students growing up in some of Orange County’s most overlooked neighborhoods.”

The Straders join a list of remarkable Foundation for Success honorees that over the years have included the late Terry Donahue, legendary UCLA head football coach; longtime KidWorks’ supporters Heidi and Ruben Mendoza; Steven L. Craig, President & CEO of Craig Realty; and David A. Pyle, Chief Executive Officer of American Career College and Executive Chairman of the Board of West Coast University.

We’re honored to share some of what makes Camille and Tim so deserving of this prestigious Foundation for Success Luncheon honor.

Camille Strader
Camille is a founding member of KidWorks Women, an auxiliary group committed to furthering the KidWorks’ mission. For nearly 10 years, Camille has been a classroom volunteer, positively influencing numerous students with her caring nature and consistent presence. She was named our April 2018 “Volunteer of the Month” and was selected as a 2018 “Orange County Spirit of Volunteerism” award winner.

Tim Strader, Jr.
Tim, President of Starpointe Ventures, has been involved with KidWorks since 2015. He’s served as a member of the KidWorks Board of Directors since 2019. Tim and Camille also serve on our Festival of Chefs committee and Tim has previously served on our fund development committee. He also volunteers as a mentor for students in our college and career programs. He always has our students and families best interests at heart and is eager to help whenever asked.

The keynote speaker at the luncheon is Grant Lottering, a cyclist who defied death and achieved extraordinary feats. He’s continuously astounding both the medical profession and audiences by going beyond the limits of what is thought to be possible. In addition to his extreme-endurance cycling, Grant is an author, UHSM (Unite Health Share Ministries™ ambassador athlete and international speaker.