KidWorks Donors Raise $750,000 for After School Programs at Foundation for Success Luncheon

KidWorks Donors Raise $750,000 for After School Programs at Foundation for Success Luncheon

KidWorks is especially grateful to everyone who made November’s Foundation for Success luncheon such a meaningful way to empower our proven after school programs.

Over $750,000 was raised during the Nov. 8 event, and those funds are already at work helping over 1,300 students in grades preschool through high school to excel academically, develop their leadership skills, grow spiritually and explore their artistic talents.

Giving Tuesday is coming to KidWorks

Giving Tuesday is coming to KidWorks

#GivingTuesday has been the global day of giving since 2012.  #GivingTuesday always occurs after Black Friday and Cyber Monday and this year its on November 27th. 

Everybody has something to give. Whether you come together with your family, your community, your company or your favorite non-profit, it’s an opportunity for you to find a way to give back and then share your ideas.

By joining “A Global Day of Giving,” you’re a part of something big!  

PIMCO Makes Technology Fun For KidWorks Students

PIMCO Makes Technology Fun For KidWorks Students

It’s not surprising that many of our students already have clear ideas about the majors they’d like to pursue in college and the meaningful careers they envision for themselves.  PIMCO, one of the world’s premier fixed income investment managers, has been an amazing KidWorks partner who is committed to helping our students achieve those dreams.

Civic 50 nominees raise valuable funds for KidWorks

Civic 50 nominees raise valuable funds for KidWorks

Each year, 50 of the top community-minded corporations in Orange County are awarded for their investment in the community, known as the Civic 50 OC and they are all being recognized on October 11th, 2018. Of those 50 corporations, KidWorks is pleased to have on-going partnerships with 15 of these buisnesses. Collectively, these corporations have donated an impressive $802,827.97 to KidWorks since 2002.

Volunteer of the Month: Julissa Velasco

Volunteer of the Month: Julissa Velasco

Julissa Velasco--our October 2018 “Volunteer of the Month—may still be finishing up college, but you’d think she has had decades of teaching experience when you see her skillfully tutoring students enrolled in our afterschool programs

That’s because Julissa has for years made it a point to volunteer with tutoring programs offered in Santa Ana, where she’s lived most of her life.  That includes the elementary school she attended as a child.

Igniting Potential Success: KidWorks Donors Raise $45,773 for our College Success Initiative

Igniting Potential Success: KidWorks Donors Raise $45,773 for our College Success Initiative

Thanks to our generous donors, KidWorks raised $45,773 in 24 hours through the Igniting Potential Giving Day initiative sponsored by the Orange County Community Foundation and included 11 OC non-profits who teamed-up to raise funds for the youth in Orange County.  

Volunteer of the Month: Cheri Chan

Volunteer of the Month: Cheri Chan

Cheri Chan, our valued September 2018 “Volunteer of the Month” smiles each time she hears our teachers gently but firmly call our students to attention.  Cheri—like many of our volunteers—just can’t get enough of KidWorks.

In fact, she doubles her fun by volunteering at not just one of our centers, but two:  The Cedar Evergreen and Townsend satellite locations, which are embedded in locations where most of our students live just steps away from homework help. 

Volunteer of the Month: Keng Go

For Hong Kong born Keng Go, the arrival of the Chinese Lunar New Year is always a time of great celebration with family and friends.  Those friends now include second, third and fourth graders enrolled in our after school programs.

That’s because during the last occurrence of this holiday, our August “Volunteer of the Month” took time to explain the cultural significance to our students.

PTS Marketing Group is helping KidWorks develop the talented workforce of tomorrow

PTS Marketing Group is helping KidWorks develop the talented workforce of tomorrow

When you support KidWorks, you help develop the next generation of chief executive officers, doctors, engineers, teachers, scientists, bankers and entrepreneurs, just to name a few.

That’s because KidWorks programs are designed not only to promote sustained academic success, but also to develop the employees and leaders of tomorrow.    We partner with businesses who help us understand the skills and training they are looking for once our students are ready to enter the work world.

Volunteer of the Month: Nancy Udave


The same magic that happens each day at our main Dan Donahue Center also occurs at each of our three satellite centers.  These locations—Bishop Manor, Cedar Evergreen and Townsend—are strategically located in underserved neighborhoods.

While these satellite centers are smaller in square footage than our main center, they have just as significant a positive impact on our students.  Just ask Nancy Udave, our July “Volunteer of the Month.”

Nancy has been volunteering at our Bishop Manor center for two full school semesters and plans to continue when the new school year starts in the fall.  She makes time to help out while also attending California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Like us, Nancy recognizes the vital work that’s accomplished at each KidWorks satellite center.

“The Bishop Manor center is unique because you get to see how this community comes together to help one another,” she says.  “I enjoy volunteering at this center not only because it’s located around the area I grew up as a kid, but also because of how close-knit this community is.  These children see one another as family rather than just another classmate.”

She adds, “I’ve lived in Santa Ana my entire life, and I’m so grateful to finally being able to give back to my community, knowing that I’m helping children achieve a brighter future brings me happiness,” Nancy says. 

Nancy says, “I am filled with joy knowing that I am making a difference in a child’s life by simply helping him or her with homework or drawing outside with chalk.  Volunteering is much more than only an opportunity; we can each also make it a priority in our lives to make changes in our community to help the children in need.  There’s nothing more fulfilling than to see the children raising their hand in excitement to get help from a KidWorks volunteer.”

Brizzy Cruz, Bishop Manor’s site director, sees Nancy’s positive impact first hand. 

“Nancy has been a great assent to Bishop Manor,” Brizzy says.  “She takes the initiative in tutoring students and looks for ways to keep children focused on their work.  She is also the sweetest person and brought cupcakes for our students to enjoy at our end of the year party and Christmas party last year.  She also encourages students to try new games, plays board games and interacts during sports time.”

Nancy tells a story that perfectly illustrates how a few hours volunteering at KidWorks after school programs is so appreciated by our students:

“I was walking into the center and going straight to the fifth grade table to help with their homework.  I usually sit in the middle of the table to be able to help all the children around me. One student asked, ‘Ms. Nancy, what days are you here?’ I answered two days out of the week and his response was, ‘I wish you were here every day to help us.  I like you being here.’  I realized that I domake a difference in each of the children’s’ lives even if it’s just having someone there to talk to or saying ‘hi’ to them.”


At the Cal State Dominguez Hills, Nancy is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Human Services.  “My career goal is to establish my myself in an agency as a social worker for neglected children,” she says.  “I also currently work at Smile Brands Inc. as a supervisor for patient financing.”

Nancy expresses what so many of our volunteers discover when she says, “KidWorks has been such a great fit for me.”

We feel the same way about you, Nancy!

By Glenn Leibowitz, volunteer writer






KidWorks Avanti students to perform at St. Andrew's Pres. Church

Summer just wouldn’t be complete without a chance to attend a free music concert featuring the talented students in the KidWorks Avanti Music program.

“A Conversation with KidWorks” is Sunday, July 22, at 12:30 p.m., at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, located at 600 St. Andrews Road in Newport Beach immediately following the 11:11am service.

In addition to hearing our students perform, the program will feature touching stories shared by KidWorks youth, parents and volunteers.

“So many cities in Orange County are really just a short drive from KidWorks four centers in Santa Ana, and we hope the ‘Afternoon with KidWorks’ event will inspire not only St. Andrew’s members to consider volunteering at KidWorks, but anyone in the region who wants to lend a hand,” says Lisa Gels, our Manager of Partnerships & Donor Relations.  “You, your family and friends will fit right in with our warm and welcoming families and team.”

Lisa adds that holding the concert at St. Andrew’s is part of the church’s long partnership with KidWorks, including holding “serve days” where church members help clean and refurbish our Dan Donahue Center, rummage sales and volunteering as tutors.

Greg Chao, a church member, has been volunteering at KidWorks since March.  This most recent school term, he’s tutored a fifth grader in math and a high school student in physics.

“I see firsthand how valuable serving as a tutor is for these hard-working students,” Greg says.  “One student told me she has no one else to turn to for homework help.  The need is great, and I know church members would have a lot to contribute as volunteers at KidWorks.”

KidWorks Avanti Music was founded in 2012 by Joe Cristina, a professional musician with 38 years of experience in composition, arranging, orchestration and production.

“I know that ‘A Conversation with KidWorks’ is going to really impress everyone who attends when they see the level of talent and scholarship within the KidWorks Avanti students,” Joe says.  “Our program is aboutusing art and music to express your inner feelings, faith and observations about your surroundings.”

No advance reservations are needed to attend “An Afternoon with KidWorks.”  We warmly invite you to enjoy the music and learn more about KidWorks.