“If you want something done, ask a busy person.”

No one knows for sure who first said these wise words, but the quote is often attributed to Benjamin Franklin.

The KidWorks team might suggest another version of the quote:

“If you want something done, ask Jared Pacheco.”

This ninth grader at Valley High School is our April 2022 “Volunteer of the Month.”

Not only has he been active in a variety of our programs since fourth grade, Jared has also been volunteering at KidWorks for almost a year.

Jared helps tutor grades kindergarten through fifth during our afterschool programs, does administration work for our volunteer department (including scanning, printing and filing) and assists with set-up, decorating and clean-up at KidWorks events. 

Jared finds that assisting our younger students with homework comes naturally to him.

“I usually interact with them by understanding their problems because I was once their age not that long ago,” Jared says.

He’s also an active member of our Youth Leadership Team, where he helps create and set-up youth nights. Jared joins the group for community improvement projects.

“The Youth Leadership Program has helped me to stand up and speak for myself and to interact more with people,” Jared says.

Our April Volunteer of the Month has also participated in Campus Crash (where middle and high school students visit universities and colleges), plus our spring and summer break activities.

“Jared is always asking how else he can help as soon as he finishes one task,” says Rachel Cervantes, our Volunteer Coordinator. She was his fourth grade KidWorks teacher.

Adds Rachel, “We always laugh and have a running joke that Jared got lost helping somewhere else because he disappears and then when he returns, sure enough, he says that he was helping someone else, somewhere at KidWorks!”

Rachel describes Jared as having “a lighthearted, joyful spirit in all that he does.”

Rachel says Jared “is very approachable and warm with everyone he encounters. He makes all of us feel at ease and ready for a laugh. He has bloomed into a leader.”

Maria Ruvalcaba, our Youth Leadership Development Coordinator feels the same way about Jared.

“Jared is one of the few students who shows up early and helps with set-up, registration and decorations; he’s one of the last students to leave, helping with tear-down and clean up,” Maria says. “He’s not shy in asking for directions and is always willing to lend a helping hand wherever needed.”

Maria adds, “Jared loves being at KidWorks and supporting us wherever he can. It’s comforting to know that we can trust him and see him as an extension of support to all staff and students.”

In his spare time, Jared enjoys biking and playing with his three dogs. 

Jared plans on attending college/university after graduating high school, and majoring in sociology, with career aspirations of becoming a social worker.

We are very thankful for the way Jared makes such a tremendous positive impact on all of those he serves at KidWorks. He’s a perfect example of so many KidWorks students who decide to give back as a way of expressing gratitude for all they’ve received.

By Glenn Leibowitz, volunteer writer

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