As the pandemic eases and California starts to re-open, KidWorks has begun welcoming students back to our three centers thanks to our partnership with Pure Game, “a sports-based social-emotional learning program” based in Orange County.

Many KidWorks students won’t return to in-person learning until this fall. Sessions with PureGame provide important opportunities for positive socialization between KidWorks staff, volunteers and students. Students get their exercise, laugh and enjoy fresh air outside of their home.

“The most exciting part about returning to the center is seeing people I haven’t seen in a long while and finally being able to interact with others. I personally love how competitive it gets and it’s so much fun. I like that the COVID-19 guidelines were put in place but it still let us have fun no matter what.” shared Anayeli, a 9th grade student at our Dan Donahue Center.

“Students participate in soccer drills, exercises, games and words of encouragement, leadership and more,” says Cesar Ledesma, a KidWorks Program Assistant at the Cedar Evergreen Center.  “Our partnership with PureGame is a great way to guide us into in-person activities because it allows the students to be active outside of their homes while socializing with friends and teachers.”

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Each KidWorks student attends one 45-minute PureGame session each week. Grades five through 12 are offered programs at the Townsend and Cedar Evergreen centers, and grades three through 12 at the Dan Donahue Center.

Samantha R., sixth grade shared, “I liked finally being able to see other people, friends and KidWorks staff. I missed getting help with my homework and the KidWorks field trips.”

KidWorks is very grateful to the PureGame team, including several who participated in our programs when they were KidWorks students.  Special thanks to Pete Torrez and Octavio Valente, Field Champions on the PureGame staff, who led the activities at KidWorks. We are also grateful to Heriberto Lopez, their Director of Operations.

Says Heriberto, “It’s great to be back at KidWorks with another round of PureGame at three different KidWorks sites. One of the student’s favorite social distance games is the rock, paper, and scissors snake game. This is a game where the kids bring out their best teamwork skills and have a blast. All three sites have had a blast playing this game; they all wished they had more time to play.”

Adds Heriberto, “KidWorks and PureGame teaming up is a wonderful idea because of the similarities that both organizations offer to their students. For example, mentoring the students is a big one. That’s one of the main focuses of both organizations. KidWorks and PureGame are both great when it comes to working with our community. We both provide programs in which kids can participate and come out and have some fun.”

Perla R., eighth grade: “It was exciting seeing everyone and playing games again. I liked getting to play outside.”

KidWorks thanks PureGame for helping us move towards reopening our centers and for keeping our students fit in mind and body in such a powerful and positive way.  We value this partnership so much!