Luna Paz—our November 2022 Volunteer of the Month—has a Bible-inspired servant’s heart.

As an eighth grader whose favorite subject is religion, Luna is both a student and volunteer at KidWorks’ Cedar Evergreen satellite center.

 “I can always count on Luna to step right up and help in the classroom wherever and whenever she’s needed,” says Brizzy Cruz, Site Director.

“To have this spirit of volunteerism at such a young age is so inspiring,” Brizzy adds. “Luna is a wonderful role model for other students in my classroom. By her actions, she impresses upon them the joy of helping others, living your faith and being a responsible leader.”

Brizzy and Luna have formed a special bond.

“Ms. Brizzy is charismatic and kind,” Luna says. “She connects so well with all the kids. I can tell her anything about what’s going on in my life.

“I do anything that’s needed in Ms. Brizzy’s classroom. I help other students with their homework, check their work and read to the younger ones.”

She adds, “It’s nice to help other people. It makes me happy.”

Luna recognizes the many rewards of being a classroom tutor.

“I’m really happy when I see the littler kids learn something new,” Luna says. “It’s fun to see that they understand something I just taught them.

“It’s rewarding to see children grow, do well on their tests and improve their reading skills.”

With a smile, she adds that it can also be challenging at times to get active, young minds to pay attention and listen.

Luna decided to help Ms. Brizzy when she realized that it’s hard for a teacher to do it all in a busy classroom.

It can be somewhat more difficult to recruit volunteers for one of our satellite centers than at the main Dan Donahue Center. Luna’s volunteer help in the classroom is all the more appreciated when no other after school volunteers are available.

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Luna first enrolled in KidWorks’ programs in the summer before she began third grade. In addition to being part of our academic programs, she’s also participated in our spring and summer activities.

“KidWorks has helped me stay on top of my homework,” Luna says. “I’ve also been presented with many opportunities to be a leader and help out at the Cedar Evergreen Center.”

Luna always feels welcome at KidWorks.

“KidWorks brings the community together,” she says. “It’s a safe place for us to hang out and get our work done. We can talk about our feelings and be open with each other.”

 In her spare time, Luna enjoys drawing, reading, listening to music and fitting in the occasional afternoon nap.

KidWorks knows the future is bright for a student with such a giving and caring heart. We are honored to recognize Luna as our November 2022 Volunteer of the Month.

By Glenn Leibowitz, volunteer writer