If you have a chance to visit our three centers during the holiday season, you’ll see them fully decked out for Christmas—and it’s all thanks to the generosity of Fifth Third Bank, U.S. Bank and Bank of America.

The “stealth” decorating took place the day before Thanksgiving, when 29 bank employees spent most of the day decorating and surprising our students when they returned to the centers for programs after break.

For over ten years the centers have been fully decorated for the Christmas holiday, with all materials donated by the banks. KidWorks extends a big “thank you!” to all the volunteers.

We are also grateful to the bank leaders who led the effort:  Gabe Potyondy, Managing Director of Commercial Real Estate at Fifth Third Bank, and Vice Chair of KidWorks’ Board of Directors, and Adrian Montero, Senior Vice President, U.S. Bank and Board Secretary on our Board of Directors. Lending support was Hiep Diep, Senior Vice President, of KBS Realty Advisors, who also serves on our Fund Development and Foundation for Success Luncheon committees.

“The opportunity to help decorate the Dan Donahue Center every year is a treat for us,” Gabe says. “It’s always the official start of the holiday season and a great way to set our focus on serving others.”

The decorations are up ahead of a full range of holiday festivities that take place at KidWorks during the holiday season: the Christmas Store where families select gifts, a party for preschoolers sponsored by our Young Professionals for KidWorks group, a posada festial, parent holiday celebrations, a College & Career Success Initiative™ student party and a staff potluck.

Everyone attending these events will enjoy decorations that include a nativity scene, doors wrapped to resemble gifts, a fully decorated Christmas tree in each classroom and ornaments hanging in the hallways.

“Christmas is a magical time at KidWorks thanks to the creative talents of the bank volunteers,” says Beckie White, our Manager of Marketing and Communications. “The volunteers transformed KidWorks into a winter wonderland.”

Adds Ryann Smith, our Marketing Communications Associate, “The decorations are the backdrop to all of our Christmas festivities. These events wouldn’t be the same without the decorations.”

KidWorks wishes everyone a joy-filled Christmas and blessed 2023!