Support KidWorks students so they can go to school feeling confident and prepared.

Join our group of dedicated monthly donors in our Honor Roll program*. Your monthly gift will help UNLEASH YOUTH POTENTIAL: Inspire purpose, Fuel growth, Catalyze impact within the next generation of leaders.

Helps fund the training for one of our amazing mentors and volunteers who work alongside our students after school and during the summer.

Helps fund the consistent provision of classroom supplies for one student, equipping her with the tools she needs for academic success.

Helps fund bi-weekly 1:1 tutoring sessions for one student, helping him perform at grade level, building confidence and self-esteem in his academic performance.

Helps fund weekly enrichment workshops for one student, allowing her to discover her passions and explore her God-given talents.

Honor Roll* Members Receive


Quarterly shareholder meetings with KidWorks leadership


Monthly student highlight


VIP Access to volunteer and engagement opportunities

Questions about your donation?: Contact Beckie White at

Meet Our Founding Members

“I give monthly as a reminder of my commitment to KidWorks and the students they serve. I can conveniently spread my support throughout the year, which is great for both my own and KidWorks’ budgeting purposes.”
– Melissa Marshall

Acts Community Church
Cheryl Anderson
Mike Arganda
Priscilla and Robert Axe
Michael Baron
Sarah Beach
Erika and David Benavides
Kathy and Don Bowker
Laurie and Bart Brown
Randy Clark
Eibach Springs, Inc.
Anna and Merlin Eelkema

Arline Esposito
Lisa and Al Gels
Kyle Guerin
Karen Eckelbarger
Chris Hackler
Lizvette and Mark Halbert
David Hengstler
Glenn Leibowitz
Melissa and John Marshall
Jess and Bobby Liu
Tracy and Gerardo Magana
Linda Poole Maggard
Diana Martinez

Douglas McGilvray
Jacob Miknuk
Nicole Moler
Sarah and Tim Novak
Lynn and Gabe Potyondy
Jeniffer and Jonathan Puls
Terri and Eugene Rhodes
Maddie Schotol
Kim Sabbag
Iveth Sanchez
Sandra Sierra
Byna Sipos
Spencer Stewart