Leslie never viewed herself as creative, until enrolling in a digital photography class at KidWorks through KidWorks University.  “Every assignment is a fun challenge,” she shared, “I love experimenting with my camera. Not every photo is perfect, but I keep playing.”

Photography is providing Leslie with a new outlook.  It has also taught her patience and persistence.  “I can shoot the same object several different ways, and every camera angle provides a different perspective. Life is a lot like that,” Leslie observes.  

This is the first time KidWorks offered a digital photography class and the youth had a blast taking pictures around KidWorks. 

Students learned basic digital photography concepts including the rule of 3rds, camera angles, depth perception and editing.  

Leslie’s favorite assignment was photographing toys in the preschool classroom. “It made me feel like a big kid” she laughed. 

Some students practiced on their phones while others preferred tablets. “There is so much to learn. I never knew my phone could take such amazing pictures,” commented Rodrigo.

The goal of the class was to teach students to help find beauty in the every day and to engage with the world around them.

Digital photography is just one of the KidWorks University workshops KidWorks students can participate in. It allows students to discover new talents and pursue their passions.

Kidworks University classes are led by volunteers and can be in a variety of fields including Arts, STEM, and sports.