Do you treasure the joy of Christmas as much as we do at KidWorks? You can fill your holidays with even more love by being part of our once-a-year holiday toy drive.

For 21 years KidWorks supporters have made Christmas extra special for the parents of children and youth enrolled in our programs. These parents are often unable to afford gifts for their sons and daughters.

That’s especially true during these economically challenging times; being able to purchase Christmas gifts is often not financially possible for the families we serve. Their limited funds go to rent, gas and groceries.  

Our goal for this year’s Christmas Store: A gift for every student.

There are many ways you can brighten the holidays for our students:

“An added request this year is for toys that are appropriate for parents of children with special needs in pre-K through 12th grade and those enrolled in Individualized Education Programs,” says Vanessa Hernandez, our Volunteer Manager. “Such items include toys that stimulate the senses. These are very helpful for students with autism, for instance.”

Here’s how the Christmas gift program works for the parents of our students: Moms and dads purchase gifts for their sons and daughters at a discounted rate at the KidWorks Christmas Store on Dec. 19. KidWorks then deposits these proceeds into our benevolence fund, which provides financial and other support to families when they are in serious need or experience a crisis.

What makes the KidWorks Christmas Store so special for these parents is that it offers them a sense of being able to provide for their families. By purchasing the gifts at nominal cost instead of receiving them for free they feel respected and empowered.

“As KidWorks celebrates our 30th anniversary, we are incorporating creative ways for the store to reflect our gratitude to God for allowing us to serve others for three decades,” says Sonia Rios-Guzman, our Family and Community Engagement Manager.

She adds, “Parents shopping at our Christmas store will receive a small gift commemorating this milestone in our history.”

KidWorks will send each donor a thank you letter acknowledging the contribution for their tax records.

Interested in knowing more?  Email:, visit or contact the KidWorks at:  714-834-9400, extension 115. You can also view our Christmas store flyer.

“We are so grateful for the amount of support we receive each year for the Christmas store from our partners and donors,” Sonia says. “It fills our hearts and lights up our spirit to see so much generosity and love towards the families and community we serve.”

Your help will help continue a wonderful 21-year tradition of Christmas smiles.