They might not be on their way to Carnegie Hall yet, but just give them time. Thanks to our partnership with Love In Music, these young musicians may be on their way some day soon!

Developing a love and proficiency in the musical arts has been an integral aspect of KidWorks since we partnered 14 years ago with Love in Music, a Los Angeles-based non-profit. In fact, we are their longest-running collaboration.

Love in Music describes their purpose as “letting musically gifted and trained volunteers participate in the community building efforts by reaching out to underserved children between culturally and ethnically different communities for free weekly lessons both in-person and online.”

Love in Music lessons are entirely free to our students, and there is also no cost to them for the musical instruments they are loaned while enrolled in the program.

While Love in Music lessons were all conducted online during the pandemic, KidWorks was very excited to welcome students back for in-person sessions starting Sept. 11. Today, 35 KidWorks students in grades first through ninth from all three of our centers are enrolled in Love in Music. Each Love in Music Session is two hours on Saturdays.

“I am always so awed by the wonderful generosity and fervent heart demonstrated by our incredible Love in Music partners,” say Rachel Cervantes, KidWorks’ Art Coordinator. She thanks Gloria Yee, their Executive Director and Howard Park, President/Co-Founder. They consistently go above and beyond in the name of providing excellence to our students and this partnership is better for it,” Rachel says.

“Through Love in Music, students have an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to play a musical instrument, but also how to effectively communicate with teachers from diverse backgrounds and to learn personal responsibility by attending class at the committed times,” Gloria says.

Rachel fully concurs with that view, saying, “While our students learn how to play an instrument, they also learn important life skills like discipline, respect and timeliness. I believe all of these attributes undeniably make our students more well-rounded and prepared for the real world as well as opening doors of opportunity in music.”

Love in Music was founded in May 2007 with “a mission to help build a more loving and harmonizing community through music,” Gloria says. Since then, the organization has successfully reached out to hundreds of young people in underserved communities throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and the South Bay area.

In addition to becoming proficient in the musical instrument of their choice, our Love in Music students also have the opportunity to perform before live audiences.

“There are always two concerts/performances during the year,” Rachel says. “The first is our Christmas concert where we gather, celebrate and showcase our students’ hard work. Our end-of-year concert is special because we all come together at a church in Los Angeles. After a hiatus due to the pandemic, we delighted that his year we will once again have both Christmas and end-of-year live, in-person concerts.”

KidWorks parents and students interested in learning more about Love in Music, including how to enroll, may contact Rachel at

Several generations of KidWorks’ students have now participated in Love in Music programs.  We are deeply grateful for how our partners at Love in Music have positively impacted so many young lives forever.

By Glenn Leibowitz, volunteer writer