KidWorks tutoring program gets a big boost, thanks to the addition of a full-time tutor funded entirely by Santa Ana’s “Youth Employment Program” (SAY). This partnership allows KidWorks to better focus on academic success at a huge cost savings to our organization. 

Nick Paduro, a Santa Ana College student, is working in the tutoring center alongside KidWorks teachers and volunteers.

Individualized academic support is essential due to the learning loss resulting from COVID.  There has been huge demand for more tutoring at KidWorks; this program allows us to offer extended tutoring services in grades K-12.  

Noemi says the Santa Ana Youth Employment program is a win for everyone involved. 

“Our students benefit because there is another person who can help them achieve academically,” Noemi says. “And youth like Nick are given the chance for fulltime, paid work experience as they look forward to their careers.”

Adds Noemi, “Nick and our volunteer tutors–working alongside our KidWorks teachers—provide the personal, one-on-one homework help that contribute in such an important way to our 100% high school graduation rate and college attendance.”

Nick began helping out during our summer programs and is now a regular presence in the classrooms at our main Dan Donahue Center.

“Every day as a tutor is a new experience for me and that makes it fun,” Nick says. “I really enjoy helping others.”

Nick describes his style as “friendly and open.”

“That way, the students have the focus and encouragement to successfully finish their homework,” he says.

Nick’s heart for helping led him to care for four cats, three of whom are rescues or were abused.  His hobbies also include collecting action figures/superheroes.

Our students consider Nick a true superhero, especially when he helps them solve one of those challenging homework questions.

Welcome to KidWorks, Nick!