We can’t think of a better way for students to spend spring break than focusing on STEM.

More than 200 students engage in interactive, hands-on labs and workshops that require problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration while teaching foundation skills that will help them as they pursue 21st century careers.

By providing opportunities to think, imagine and innovate, there is no stopping the students at KidWorks!

2019 Spring Break Science Camp
Dates: April 1 - 5
Grades: K - 5th
Times: 9am - noon
Questions: (714) 834-9400 x119 or e-mail Jacquelynn.hernandez@kidworksoc.org

Volunteer and sponsorship opportunities are still available!


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College is a big deal at KidWorks.  For the past four years, every KidWorks high school senior has not only graduated on time but has also gone on to enroll in college  or university.   Visiting college campuses are an integral part of the formula for success. During Campus Crash, 1st-generation college students have the opportunity to visual themselves in college someday!

KidWorks Campus crash provides students real-time opportunities to experience life as a college student. Students travel to colleges across SoCal and participate in campus tours, eating in the cafeteria, attending classes, and meeting students and professors all while having fun!

 “I got to see what college was like, visiting the dorms and looking at the classrooms.  I’m now inspired to get into a good college in the future.” – Samantha, 11th grade.

2019 Campus Crash
Dates: April 1 - 5
Grades: 6 -12th
Times: varies by date
Questions: (714) 834-9400 x110 or e-mail erika.sanchez@kidworksoc.org

Sponsorship opportunities are still available!