KidWorks relies on the donations of program supplies and materials to make our programs successful!  We are busy preparing for summer and your donation of materials and supplies will help create a memorable experience for our students. 

Summer In-Kind Needs:

Beach Umbrellas (4 total)
Butcher Paper Rolls (various colors)
Construction Paper
Coolers (6 -8 tubs)
Craft supplies (craft glue, feathers, felt, glitter, paint, sequence)
Folding Wagons (4 wagons)
Fruit Snacks (Family Size Boxes)
Gift Cards ($5-$50 to be used as incentives)
Granola Bars (Family Size Boxes)
Glue Gallons (10 jugs)
Hand Sanitizer (6 jugs)
Kinetic Sand (1-lb tubs)
Parachutes (20)
Playdough (10, 2-lb containers)
Pretzels (Family Size Boxes)
Pool Noodles (30)
Trail Mix (Family Size Boxes)
Trinkets (pencils, stickers, erasers, candies, etc.)
Sensory Tables (4 total)
Sun Block (10, 1 gallon jugs)
Table Cloths (25 blue & 25 green)
Toilet Paper/Paper Towel/Cardboard Tubes
Umbrellas (4)
Water Balloons
Water Bottles (24 cases)
Water Jugs (5 jugs)

Purchase these items through our Amazon wishlist and have them shipped directly to KidWorks!

Please contact Jacquelynn Hernandez at (714) 834-9400 x119 or e-mail with any questions. In-kind donations may be eligible for a tax deduction - please consult your tax specialist for further details. We will provide a receipt of your donation to be used for this purpose.

Thank you for donating to KidWorks, your contribution is transforming lives!