Isabel's Story

Isabel's Story

Before KidWorks came into my life, I hated my neighborhood.  Every time I walked out my door I saw chaos and destruction.  From afar, I have seen the face of someone who was dedicated to harm another. Helicopters often roam the sky above, police cars pass by every few hours. I have firsthand experience of a gunshot striking a glass bottle just mere feet away from where I was standing.  What if that bottle had been me?  I hated the uncertainty I felt each time I encountered anyone from my neighborhood. So when a new family was expected to live in the space available in the apartment complex in front of me, the only wish I had was that they would bring children into this place. Little did I know that I was about to encounter a whole load of them. 

KidWorks Youth "Crash" College Campuses Across CA

KidWorks Youth "Crash" College Campuses  Across CA

When KidWorks youth think spring break plans, it’s not a sunny vacation they are planning for.   They are thinking about the long awaited “Campus Crash” week which is a key part of KidWorks College Success Initiative.  Campus Crash is designed to expose students to a real – life college experience that instills in them the belief and motivation that college can be their reality.