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Karen G. is Berkeley Bound

Karen G. is Berkeley Bound

Karen G. recalls telling her mom,  “I want to go to KidWorks!” as a three-year-old when she saw her big sister, Gilda, head off each weekday to our after-school programs.  The persistence and tenacity that defines Karen’s personality to this very day meant she never let up until she convinced her mom to enroll her.  Never mind that at three, Karen was still a year short of qualifying for KidWorks preschool programs.

KidWorks Mom/Alum Turned College Graduate

KidWorks Mom/Alum Turned College Graduate

Sonia Quijano is proof positive that it’s never too late to chase your dreams.  This KidWorks mom was once a student at KidWorks almost twenty years ago and now her daughter Marilyn is a student in our preschool.  Even though she is now busy raising her family, she is also pursuing her dream of becoming a high school guidance counselor. 

KidWorks Resolves To Make 2019 An Amazing Year

KidWorks Resolves To Make 2019 An Amazing Year

Resolve.  One definition of the word is to “decide firmly on a course of action.

Our resolve is stronger than ever to make 2019 the most beneficial experience possible for the hundreds of students and families we serve at KidWorks.

Another variation of the word resolve is resolution.

With 2019 now fully underway, we’d like to share our very own KidWorks’ 2019 New Year’s Resolutions:

KidWorks Celebrates 4th Consecutive Year of 100% HS Graduation & 100% College Enrollment

KidWorks Celebrates 4th Consecutive Year of 100% HS Graduation & 100% College Enrollment

For the fourth consevutive year, we are pleased to celebrate 100% of KidWorks seniors are graduating from high school on time—and all are enrolling in a college or university this fall. Graduating high school and pursuing a degree is a goal we begin instilling in our students while in preschool.

KidWorks Golf Classic Drives Support For College Success

KidWorks Golf Classic Drives Support For College Success

In golf scores, it’s never good to be “over.”  But for our sixth annual KidWorks Classic Golf Tournament held in May at the Pelican Hill Golf Course in Newport Beach, we were “over” all expectations in terms of fundraising for our proggrams, setting a new record of $270,000 net raised to support our College Success Initiative.

How A Field Trip Sparked A Passion For Marine Biology


Hello, KidWorks supporter!  It’s still a couple of months away, but KidWorks is busy planning a fabulous summer 2018 for the thousands of students you help us serve.  Oscar Mateo’s story is one of many we are delighted to share over the coming weeks.  At the end of this story, you can learn how YOU can make summer 2018 shine bright for students like Oscar.

Who would have thought a fun day at the beach would help me decide on a career!

But that’s exactly what happened last year when KidWorks treated me and a few dozen other youth to a day of learning and fun on the sand at the beach.  We did all the things you’d expect—made sand castles, took surfing lessons and tossed around a Frisbee.   

But while exploring the tide pools, we also got a lesson about the importance of protecting our oceans and the life within.  That’s when I began thinking to myself, “I might want to become a marine biologist.”  Now I am passionate about everything related to the ocean. 

You probably don't realize the impact that KidWorks summer has on my life.  As a high school student, KidWorks’ summer programs have really made those months when school is out more meaningful for me than ever before.  Instead of sitting around the house watching TV, my summer is packed with three months of keeping on track academically, making new friends, career field trips, and fun.  Trying new things has helped me build confidence with both my peers and adults.

But KidWorks can’t make summer programs possible without financial support from friends like you.  I know it’s only April, but your gift now will let me and hundreds of other children and youth attend KidWorks summer programs and camp.

Here’s how:

Join Mike Harrah, Official Title Sponsor in supporting KidWorks Golf Tournament

Join Mike Harrah, Official Title Sponsor in supporting KidWorks Golf Tournament

Michael Harrah, President & Chief Executive Officer of Caribou Industries, is the official “Title Sponsor” for our 2018 KidWorks Classic Golf Tournament.  We have a few other “titles” for Mike, too:  Generous supporter.  Champion of children and youth.  Inspiration.

This is the second year in a row that Mike and his company have been the Title Sponsor, which is the highest level of support for the tournament.  Caribou “operates 45 world class companies known for premier real estate, executive aviation, five-star restaurants, hotel resorts and entertainment venues in Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada.”

Scoring Goals in Lacrosse Helps Her Set Goals For Life

Yosely Ocampo's earliest memories of KidWorks date back to when she was three years old.  “My mom and I passed out snacks to the kids and cleaned the counters with wet paper towels,” Yosely recalls. Both mother and daughter soon fell in love with KidWorks—where they both help out to this day.

“Even then, I knew KidWorks was where I wanted to be,” Yosely says.  Soon, she was enrolled in our preschool.

KidWorks Launches College Success Initiative


At KidWorks, 100% of our  high school seniors graduate on  time and 100% go on to college or university. And until now, we thought of them as our alumni. With the launch of our new KidWorks College Success Initiative™  we now serve students from Pre-K to B.A., making an 18 year commitment to each student at KidWorks.  

The students we serve live near or below the poverty line.  Often their families are caught in a poverty cycle and are just surviving.  The best way to break the cycle is preventing it in the next generation. Currently 89%  of low-income students leave college without a degree and 25% leave after their first year.   Our KidWorks College Success Initiative™ is aimed at ending the poverty cycle by providing our students the tools they need to graduate from college and begin careers that break the cycle.  At KidWorks, we know eventually the cycle of poverty breaks.  One family at a time.

Philanthropist, business leader, educator and long-time supporter of KidWorks, David A. Pyle, has provided us with a one million dollar matching grant opportunity.  This grant provides KidWorks with the funding needed to implement our new KidWorks College Success Initiative™.  Donate to the KidWorks College Success Initiative™  and double your impact.  You will be helping us improve our community by ending the poverty cycle. Every dollar you give becomes two and every dollar you give changes a life!