Volunteer Of The Month: Davion Williamson

(Editor’s note:  Each month, the KidWorks’ volunteer team clears their calendars for an hour or two for one of their favorite duties:  Selecting the Volunteer of the Month.  With each monthly eNews going forward we’ll now announce that valued contributor and let you know a little about him or her.  For October, our wonderful Volunteer of the Month is Davion Williamson.)


Oftentimes our students may decide on a future career goal because of all the broadening experiences they encounter at KidWorks.  In the case of university baccalaureate student Davion Williamson, KidWorks actually helped him decide on a career he’s sure to excel at:  Teaching.

Our October Volunteer of the Month says, “Being at KidWorks is actually what made me decide to get into teaching.”  Davion is on his way toward that goal, taking classes to earn a teaching credential in math after graduating this June from the University of California, Irvine, with a degree in “Criminology, Law and Society” as well as “Psychology and Social Behavior.”

Davion has been volunteering as part of our University Starts Now (USN) after school program since January and has already logged 200 hours helping our students.  USN focuses on our younger students, ranging from kindergarten through twelfth grade, and is focused on four foundational pillars: Academics & Arts, Health & Fitness, College & Career Readiness, and Leadership & Spiritual Development.

“You will always see Davion with a smile on his face,” says Tiffany San, Volunteer Coordinator & Development Assistant.  “He is very intentional and enthusiastic while working with our students.  He is such a pleasure to work with, and we appreciate everything he does here at KidWorks!”


Davion fully enjoys each hour he spends with our students.  “I make sure to have a positive style and always remain patient.  I'll ask them questions about their homework and try to put it into a context they can relate to.  I also always keep my energy up so theirs stays up as well.”

Just as he is doing within his own life, Davion supports the dreams of our students:  “I really hope that everyone reaches his or her full potential and is able to follow their hearts.”

Between his own studies and helping our kids with theirs, Davion finds time to write music, a particular passion of his. 

We are grateful to Davion for being such an exemplary role model for our students, and for encouraging them to always do their very best.  Congratulations, Davion!  

KidWorks youth visit Irivne Ranch Conservancy


This week our KidWorks youth visited the Irvine Ranch Conservancy where they learned about rock formation, native/invasive plants (botany) and animals. They also learned all about national parks. They loved it! Here are some photos from our special time with the staff at the Irvine Ranch Conservancy.