Creating Learners - Leaders - and students who are life-ready!


KidWorks is excited to announce some exciting changes to our after-school programs. Like all of our programs, our after school programs goal is to develop learners and leaders who are “life-ready”!

“Leader in Me” Leadership Curriculum:
KidWorks is the first program in the nation to pilot the Franklin Covey organization’s “Leader in Me” program in our preschool through 12th grade curriculum.  Franklin Covey is well-known for its “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” approach that they describe as “a proven process of personal and interpersonal growth that can have an immediate and lasting impact.” 


“By deploying ‘Leader in Me,’ our students will learn about leadership and the development of good habits in order to put these skills in practice through service projects where they give back to KidWorks and the community,”  says Noemi Juarez, Director of After School Programs.  

Literacy Partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia:
KidWorks has also strongly promoted literacy, believing the ability to read and write competently leads to critical thinking skills.  To that end, we just launched a new literacy program for our students in  grades kindergarten through fifth.  This is through a grant partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia.   Strong literacy skills are a key indicator to future academic success in high school and beyond. Each week, students will have a fun and engaging literacy lesson using the Boys and Girls Club curriculum that helps them recognize sight words, improve grammar and develop a love of learning.


Expanded College Success Curriculum:
KidWorks has also launched a new college prep curriculum for grades kindergarten through 12th, working with the Kahn Academy, who describe themselves as “a nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.”  Each week, our students will have an age-appropriate lesson that introduces the concepts of higher learning. Whether a student attends college or trade school we want them to be prepared for the evolving needs of the workforce. This program is a part of KidWorks College Success Initiative and allows us to start preparing for college at an earlier age.

Additional Youth Nights:
Our focus on developing youth continues as strongly as ever.  That’s why we are building on the success of our youth nights programs for middle and high school students.  These programs will now take place once a month on Fridays, starting in October. Youth night activities will provide our students the opportunity to invite friends for a more casual gathering at KidWorks. Students will play games, participate in team building activities, work on service projects and develop their faith.


New Classes And Workshops For Families:
Parental engagement has always been integral to our “whole family” approach.  Beginning with this school term, we’ve expanded our parent involvement to include a parents’ leadership conference and ongoing "Raising Highly Capable Kids" classes.  These classes address some of the growing areas of interest of our families to provide guidance in the areas of college preparation, technology, substance abuse and mental health.

Two KidWorks’ leaders who were instrumental in developing our approach to 2019 programs express their enthusiasm about the school year now underway:

"We have a great year in store at KidWorks!” says Noemi Juarez, Director of After School Programs.  “I’m thankful for the great partners that KidWorks is developing through our civic, church and corporate relationships that benefit not only our students but also our staff."

"It’s so uplifting and encouraging to see the growth of youth programming,” says Frank Bejarano, Youth & Family Engagement Director.  “With the expansion of our leadership curriculum, our students will learn tools and principles that can help them develop leadership skills they can use now and on through adulthood."

By Glenn Leibowitz, volunteer writer