VOL-NTEER: All That Is Missing Is "U"


Pencils are being sharpened. Book bags are being filled.  And KidWorks students are getting ready for our after school programs that get underway on August 19 to coincide with the start of the Santa Ana Unified School District 2019 Fall term.

That means it’s the perfect time to volunteer in after school programs to assist our teachers in the classrooms that serve hundreds of students from preschool through 12th grade.

 It’s easy to get involved.  To get started, click here:

“After school volunteers are a significant resource within our after school programs,” says Vanessa Sedano, our Volunteer Coordinator.  “Volunteers and interns are role models for our students.  They help instill hope and encourage a bright future.  The amount of work and dedication our volunteers put into serving KidWorks students is extremely significant.  We are able to serve so many families and  the overall community because of these dedicated volunteers. From the smallest to the greatest task, we strongly rely on our volunteers; they are essential to what makes KidWorks so effective.”

We are also seeking financial and in-kind gifts of school supplies/materials so our students have all they need to succeed.  Learn more at:  

Vanessa says KidWorks is looking for volunteers and interns for all four of our centers. 

“Our goal is to have four volunteers per class/grade for the main Dan Donahue Center and three to four volunteers per day at each of the three centers located in critical communities in central Santa Ana. KidWorks  also has a need for at least 10 volunteers for our one-to-one tutoring program.”

While KidWorks works with each volunteer for days/times that works best for them, it’s most helpful if a volunteer commits to at least one weekly session during the Monday through Friday after school programs schedule.


 “You don’t need to be a teacher to be part of our after school programs, just a heart for helping our students excel academically and  benefit from the role modeling and encouragement you’ll provide,” Vanessa says. “Volunteers include high school/college students needing to complete service hours as part of their curriculum, employees from area businesses, church members, retirees and others.”

Vanessa adds, “When you volunteer at KidWorks, you are blessed with the firsthand experience of what answered prayers from many families look like and reminding not only our students but staff and community that Jesus shines in underserved and broken situations.”

We hope to welcome you as part of KidWorks vibrant after school programs.