Anaheim Ducks NHL Hockey Team Puts the "Fun" in Fundamentals


The Anaheim Ducks NHL Hockey Team scored big when they made a surprise visit to KidWorks last Friday. Students were treated to an afternoon of hockey, fitness and fun as part of our "Wild" summer at KidWorks.

“We are thrilled with our partnership with the Anaheim Ducks.” said Lisa Gels, Associate Director of Development. “They are incredibly generous with both their time and resources.”

For many of our students, this was their first introduction to hockey. Students learned how to hold a hockey stick, maneuver a hockey puck and shoot a goal. They also got to design their own hockey mask.

“Hockey is sorta like soccer.” said David, a fourth grader at KidWorks. “My favorite part was trying to score a goal!”

They also got to meet Wild Wing, the Ducks mascot who was greeted like a celebrity by staff and students alike. Thanks Anaheim Ducks for providing an amazing day at KidWorks!