Help us say ‘Thanks!’ during Teacher Appreciation Week

Albert Einstein said, “Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty.”

We think that’s the perfect way to describe the dedication found in all 19 of KidWorks’ amazing teachers. 


Ask our students, and they’ll say our professional educators make learning delightful, challenging and fun. And their parents wholeheartedly concur. 

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that May 13 – 17th is Teacher Appreciation Week at KidWorks.

Here’s what several students and parents say about our teachers:

“The teachers at KidWorks are so positive and so nice to everyone in the classroom. Even if they are having the worst day, they give 100% to their job!”—Luis, 8th grader

“I love all the teachers at KidWorks.  I know I can talk to them about anything!”—Stephanie, 6thgrader

 “I love the way they teach because they teach with motivation and enthusiasm!  When it comes to the preschool staff, I can see that they are very capable, and I could tell when I saw my girls learn a lot. Thank you very much to the KidWorks teachers for being the way they are, and for caring and worrying about the students they work with, because that truly makes a difference!”—Yadira M., parent of Amy, kindergarten; Leslie, fourth grade and Jessica, 10th grade.

“The teachers here at KidWorks are very helpful and such a great support for our children when it comes to not only their homework, but in all areas overall.  They are very nice all the time, with a friendly and positive attitude, and this truly makes a difference! They make us feel like we are part of a big family here at KidWorks!”—Sandra A., parent of Teresa, second grade and Johana, fifth grade.

We also invite you—our volunteers, supporters, students and parents-to post a message of thanks to any of our KidWorks teacher at the bottom of this blog story, write notes to their favorite teacher or post a thank-you on KidWorks social media!

We appreciate our educators every day—and Teacher Appreciation Week is a way for all of us to let them know who much they are loved and valued.