Spring Break Science Camp: Hands-On Fun With STEM


For the 2nd year in a row, KidWorks Spring Break Sensational Science camp was truly a success. Over the week of Spring Break, 170 students, including 29 new students from the community, came to KidWorks for a week of hands-on STEM fun.

Students had the opportunity to participate in hands-on science projects, including designing a roller coaster, making play dough, building race cars and designing a space suit, thanks to our friends at PBS SoCal who provided the curriculum and materials for Science Camp.

“Science camp was so much fun!” exclaimed Adrely, “My favorite project was making the play dough because I love experiments that are messy and I get to use my hands.”

Dylan said, “If I didn’t go to science camp I would be sitting at home with nothing to do all week.”


Jacky Hernandez, Program Assistant adds, “We are deeply grateful to PBS SoCal, who is providing hands-on curriculum and camp activities focused on various science concepts.  PBS SoCal has been providing curriculum during other times during the school year, and their learning materials and activities have been a giant hit with our kids.” 

In addition to PBS’ involvement, KidWorks also thanks the dozens of volunteers who helped out during the week including Alteryx, Experian, Kohl’s, and United Health.  They assisted with set-up, clean-up, encouraging the students and all-around support. “We are so grateful for the partners who volunteered during science camp. Having these amazing volunteers allowed our students to have more personalized attention as they worked on projects and learned science concepts.”