KidWorks Resolves To Make 2019 An Amazing Year

Resolve.  One definition of the word is to “decide firmly on a course of action.

Our resolve is stronger than ever to make 2019 the most beneficial experience possible for the hundreds of students and families we serve at KidWorks.

Another variation of the word resolve is resolution.

With 2019 now fully underway, we’d like to share our very own KidWorks’ 2019 New Year’s Resolutions:


Resolution #1: 1:1 Mentoring for our college students:  
Many times, our high school graduates are the first in their families to attend college or university.  Whether they attend a local or out-of-state institution, we are in constant contact to help them acclimate to campus life and successfully earn their degrees in order to qualify for meaningful careers.  With the help of our newly launched College Success Initiative, we can better serve these students as we walk with them on the path towards college graduation! 

Resolution #2:  Expand our youth nights:  Our preteen and teenage students call KidWorks their “safe place,” where they are protected from some of the unfortunate influences found in underserved communities. With that in mind, 2019 will be a year in which we expand evening programs, including a full range of wholesome Friday night activities that engage youth and develop character in fun environment where they can have fun with their friends.   


Resolution #3:  Grow our STEM and Literacy programs for students in grades K-5:  We are expanding our focus on STEM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  We work hand-in-hand with educators and the business community to prepare our students for meaningful careers in fields where demand is growing. Every Monday, we start the week off with a hands-on STEM lesson after-school where students have fun learning science-related concepts and have a Spring Break Science Camp scheduled in early April.

Resolution #4:  Launch the KidWorks Alumni Network: Our Alumni Network will connect and engage with KidWorks’ graduates after they no longer attend our after-school programs for elementary through high school grades.  We will continue to offer guidance, while also providing these young adults with meaningful opportunities to give back as volunteers, mentors and donors.

Resolution #5:  Expand vital partnerships with civic and corporate groups:  Partnerships have been crucial to our success since we began our mission in 1993 out of a one-room apartment in central Santa Ana. Now, with four active centers, we plan to grow our civic and corporate partnerships in order to expand and continuously improve programs that allow our students to grow academically, creatively, spiritually and in leadership skills.  

Your generosity with time, talent and financial support continually strengthens our resolve to increase our positive influence in the underserved neighborhoods of central Santa Ana.  We can never say “thank you!” enough.  And that’s a resolution that will always be a constant year-over-year!