KidWorks Summer Spotlight


KidWorks summer programs served 432 students this past year, our largest enrollment ever!  We were so blessed to have so many church partners, corporations and civic groups involved with the success of summer. 

Students benefitted from countless new experiences and worked alongside so many amazing volunteer groups.  Our expanded center was fully utilized with kids having fun, delving into unique STEM learning opportunities, making new friends, cultivating a love of learning and deepening their relationship with the Lord.

Summer Stats To Celebrate:
*432 students enrolled
*219 volunteers served
(plus some furry friends from Mariners Church)
*120 songs enthusiastically sung
*26 Volunteer groups engaged
*17 Field trips experienced
*16 STEAM projects completed
*2 Camps attended
*1 Successful summer program

Now that summer is over.  We are busy preparing for the launch of After School Programs on September 4th.