KidWorks Celebrates 4th Consecutive Year of 100% HS Graduation & 100% College Enrollment

Senior Spotlight.png

For the fourth consecutive year, we are pleased to celebrate 100% of KidWorks seniors are graduating from high school on time—and all are enrolling in a college or university this fall.  Graduating high school and pursuing a degree is a goal we begin instilling in our students while in preschool.  

This year, we are grateful to announce two additional ways we are supporting our students on the road towards college.  

KidWorks College Success Initiative™:  
David A. Pyle, philanthropist, Founder/CEO of American Career College and shareholder of West Coast University is our generous CSI sponsor.  He joins with us in supporting our students “from pre-K to B.A.”—an 18-plus year commitment through our College Success Initiative.

“With the dedication of David Pyle, along with our partners,families, volunteers, board, staff and, most importantly, our college students, the College Success Initiative is paving a clear path forward for our college students,” says Lori Ohls, our Senior Director of Programs.

Reality Changers:  
Thanks to a grant from the Trowbridge Family Foundation, we are excited to offer Reality Changers to our HS juniors and seniors.  This new partnership helps our students navigate the college admissions process and prepare them for college.  


“Regardless of school, each of our grads will have exactly the right tools to fully succeed,” says Daniela Valenzuela, our College & Career Coordinator.

“KidWorks is like my second home.  Each day I’m here I’m reminded that anything is possible.  ” says Julie Cons, KidWorks High School senior who will be studying
biology at UC Berkley in the fall.  “I’ve gained courage, heart, passion and drive and I’m forever grateful.”

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