Spring break at KidWorks was truly ‘sensational’


What if you had the chance to make homemade Play-Doh from scratch?   And after you were done, you then had the opportunity to do a science project, build an obstacle course, watch part of a funny movie and try to swish a basketball shot from 10 feet out. 

If you were a KidWorks student in grades kindergarten through fifth, you could do all that and more as part of our “Sensational Science Camp”-themed spring break that ran April 2 through 6 at all of our four centers.   Students were treated to a week of hands-on fun with STEM that didn't feel like learning.  

“Spring break is a time to hang out and have fun,” says Brizzy Cruz, Bishop Manor Site Director, who teamed with Betty Garcia, Assistant Program Leader, to organize all the week’s activities.  “Spring break at KidWorks is a perfect time to enjoy a little time away from school, meet new friends and make even more friends.  We made sure it was a week of laughter and exposure to science concepts that incorporated technology and outdoor kinesthetic learning.”

Brizzy adds, “The kids also kept journals that were very helpful in guiding them and expanding their thinking.”

Noemi Juarez, Director of After School Programs, says KidWorks gives a big shout out to PBS, who provided the curriculum and various materials for the week at no charge to KidWorks.  That included instructional videos featuring their Ruff Ruffman character, a cartoon dog and his pals who taught science lessons about mixtures and other science concepts.  

“The spring break collaboration between PBS and KidWorks was a real winner with our students and we are discussing incorporating similar concepts during the next school year,” Noemi says.

While all of the activities were packed with fun, there was also a strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) focus involved in every lesson. 

“The Play-Doh project taught the students about measuring and how to work as a team,” Brizzy says.  “In other science-related activities, they learned about force and motion, textures and did experiments to make a toy race car either speed up or slow down.”

The week also included a “spirit day” event at each center, a much-enjoyed part of past spring breaks that we brought back again.

At the end of a very packed week, there was a celebration that included awards, popcorn and a movie.  It was a sensational week for all involved.

In addition to PBS’ involvement, KidWorks also thanks the dozens of volunteers who helped out during the week.  They assisted with set-up, clean-up, encouraging the students and all-around support.

We’re busy planning an equally sensational summer program at KidWorks.  Please visit us at this website link to learn more: