Summer is coming to KidWorks

What’s your favorite childhood summertime memory?

Was it splashing around in a pool at a city park, and maybe summoning up enough courage to jump off a diving board?  Or was it going to camp for the very first time, and roasting fluffy, white marshmallows?  Maybe you even set a goal to read a certain number of books as part of the local library’s reading club.

Even though spring has just arrived, our team is already preparing for summer at KidWorks.  And that means creating the sort of summer memories for our students that last a lifetime, just like those you treasured.

Summer at KidWorks is vital for so many reasons.  Our goal is to create a safe, wholesome place for our students to spend their time.  Just as importantly, we want to offset what educators call the “summer slide.”  That’s where students of any age level can slip academically when they are away from the classroom.

Kid works Summer Program is a concentrated 4-week program structured for children in youth so they may engage in age-appropriate activities.  All summer at KidWorks are designed around four key components to enrich our students when school is not in session:


  • Academics:
    Our goal is to cultivate a love of learning over the summer.  Students are provided academic enrichment opportunities and are exposed to new career fields at KidWorks thanks, to the support of our corporate partners.  
  • Social:
    Lasting friendships are formed with other students at KidWorks and meaningful mentorships are developed with the staff.   Students also learn valuable social and behavioral skills that will help them develop healthy interpersonal relationships. 
  • Spiritual/Emotional:
    Thanks to key church partners and para-church organizations, KidWorks students have the opportunity to learn more about God at camp and through vacation bible school-type activities.  They also grow spiritually as they spend time with God and others.   
  • Physical:
    In addition to fun field trips and hands-on learning opportunities, students play games, learn sports, and try new activities such as surfing or camping.

KidWorks summer programs would not be possible without the time and support from corporate partners and friends of KidWorks.  Click on the links below to learn more about summer at KidWorks.  YOU can help us fill summer 2018 with wonderful experiences and memories for hundreds of our students.

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