KidWorks Volunteer of the Month: Nancy Mai


The Bible often refers to the importance of humble service, and that’s a good description of Nancy Mai, the KidWorks’ February “Volunteer of the Month.”

For the past four years, Nancy has provided administration services to our Volunteer Department, assisting with data entry and other needs.

“By working in the background, I may not always interact directly with the students, however it makes me happy to know that my administrative work is vital to helping KidWorks run smoothly so we create wonderful moments for the kids,” Nancy says.

It’s not that Nancy never gets to spend time with our students, however.  In the past, she’s volunteered in support of our summer and after school programs.

“Nancy is extremely dependable and one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet,” says Melissa Peralta, our Volunteer Resource Manager.  “We look forward to seeing her every Friday like clockwork.  The work she does is so instrumental to providing the very best volunteer experience possible.”

Nancy says she first learned about KidWorks when she attended a panel at the University of California, Irvine. 

“From the start, I believed in what KidWorks was doing and that made me decide to get involved,” she says.  “Since then, I’ve made new friends by interacting with other volunteers.  And when a student happens to drop by, that’s always fun because you never know what he or she will do or say next!” 

Nancy values education just like we do.  At UCI, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and prior she earned an Associate Degree in chemistry from Santa Ana College.  Her career goal is to become a physician’s assistant.  In pursuit of that objective, she’s doing volunteer work at a local hospital, serving in the emergency and nursing units.

For fun, Nancy says she enjoys reading and movies, plus arts and crafts (she’s made keychains, earrings and greeting cards).

Nancy is also best friends with her cat, Bear.

“I sometimes dress him up,” she confesses.  Bear declined to comment about how he feels about that activity!

By Glenn Leibowitz, volunteer writer