Farm Fresh Fun at the OC Fair

KidWorks at the OC Fair

If you happen to be a fourth grader, you’re probably very astute when it comes to evaluating field trips.  So it’s definitely a ringing endorsement when our young students give such high marks to their recent complimentary visit to the Orange County Fair.

“This was the best field trip I’ve ever been on!” says Zuleima.

Added first grader Ashley, “My pizza was so good!”

In late July, 200 of our students in kindergarten through fifth grade spent the day at the fair, joined by staff and 22 volunteers, including several of our older students.  Several of the older students served as a buddy to a younger students during the day.

For some of the kids, this was their first time going to a fair or amusement park so this outing was a special treat. The students also got to pet farm animals, dance to music, visit Centennial Farm, and learn through exhibits including a salute to the military at the Veterans.  These and other similar experiences are some of the special features provided by our summer programs with support from our community partners.

“We are so grateful to the Orange County Fair officials for providing the tickets at no cost to our students and for giving each of them a $30 credit for games and food,” says Rachel Cervantes, a Program Leader at our KidWorks Dan Donahue Center.  “Each child was also thrilled to receive a pass valid for three rides.”

Rachel says the kids’ day was packed with fun from start to finish.

“They rode a roller coaster and sky lift, won plush toys and cooled down in a water fountain--all while keeping their energy level up with pizza, and ice cream!” she says. 

KidWorks extends a big “thank you!” to the Orange County Fair for making the day so special for our students.

By Glenn Leibowitz, volunteer writer