KidWorks Volunteer Shares her Musical Talents With Our Students

“The violin is like a second voice to me because it allows me to creatively express my emotions.  Music is its own language. This four-stringed instrument lets me enjoy classical, rock, hip-hop, and so many other genres. The violin is a part of me.”

Do those sound like the observations of an experienced, professional musician leaving the stage at Carnegie Hall after a concert?  Actually they are the appreciative words of Julie Cons, an incoming senior at Godinez Fundamental High School in Santa Ana.

Julie is part of Avanti Music, a KidWorks program founded in 2012 by volunteer Joe Cristina, a professional musician with 38 years of experience in composition, arranging, orchestration and production.

For nearly three years, Julie has been learning the violin and piano from Joe.

And Julie is compelled to share her musical gift with others.

She’s been teaching beginning violin and piano to a third and sixth grade student, and willteach two more young KidWorks musicians this fall.

“Julie is a smart, motivated, funny, personable, talented self-starter,” Joe says. “For her sophomore and junior years, she has been a member of the Santa Ana Unified School District’s honor orchestra, serving as concert master (first chair violin).”

In addition to the Godinez school orchestra, Julie is also a member of the musical group Mariachi de Oro.

Julie is a person with a clear vision for today—and tomorrow.

“I plan to attend college,  possibly with a double major in music and biology,” she says.  “Science is another subject I truly adore and I would love to learn more about our beautiful earth.”

Julie was accepted to five colleges and plans to attend UC Berkley in the fall.  She credits KidWorks for placing her on the path towards college. 

We are very grateful to Joe and Julie for sharing their musical gifts with our students, and for helping them develop their own God-given talents.