St. Andrews Presbyterian Church blesses KidWorks—again!

For the past 50 years, the congregation of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach has held an annual rummage sale, with proceeds benefiting the church’s Missions Department.  KidWorks is one of three mission partners receiving a donation.


The church estimates the June 8-10 event sale raised $50,000.


We are very grateful for the many ways St. Andrews has supported KidWorks over the years.


The church put it best on their website: “This year’s Rummage Sale…created space for over 300 volunteers to belong and live out our mission of following Jesus Christ to lead lives that reveal God’s goodness.  A huge thank you to those who served! It could not have been the success it was without you.”


As part of this year’s event, three KidWorks staff members joined with the church’s Missions Department for group worship, including music led by Joe Cristina, a St. Andrews staff member who began a KidWorks music program in 2012 called Avanti Music


We are very thankful for our partnership with St. Andrews, and congratulate the entire church for over five decades of successful rummage sales.