KidWorks Students See a Movie, Many for the First Time.

This summer, we launched our first ever KidWorks Cedar Evergreen Summer Program. This center has grown so much and hosting summer programs there was a complete success. There were more K-5th grade students enrolled in our Cedar Evergreen Summer Program than there were during the regular school program at that center. Many of the students were brand new to KidWorks while others were siblings of previously enrolled students. The best part is that many of those new students will be returning for Fall Programs! What a blessing to grow our KidWorks family!

To celebrate the exemplary behavior and consistency of our students in the program, we took them on two very special field trips. Our K-2nd grade students got to see The Jungle Book in theaters at the Picture Show at Mainplace in Santa Ana. And our 3rd-5th grade students attended a matinee viewing of The Secret Life of Pets at Stadium 25 Theaters.

For many of these students it was their first time every seeing a film in a theater. It was endearing to see their excitement over such a special field trip.

When we arrived to the theater the kids were in awe of the theater, they were so excited and giddy that they were there and that they were going to see a movie in theater for the first time. Bianca Torres, a 4th grade student, told us how this was only her second time coming to the movies. Another student, Brisa Rubio, 5th grade, expressed that it was her first time ever. She was jumping around with excitement and joy.

Many of our students miss out on seemingly common experience due to familial income restrictions. Experiences like going to see a movie in the theater is not a common treat fro many of our students and we are reminded to never take things for granted. It is these touching, yet sobering, reminders of why we do what we do at KidWorks; we are here to bring hope, shine a light on opportunity, and expose them to new experiences. 

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