We believe parents are the first educators of their children. And in order for children to succeed, parents must be involved and supported.



A variety of programs such as ESL, Navigating the School System, the “Ten Educational Commandments,” and the “Latino Educational Attainment” initiative help parents understand the school system and the importance of education so they can help their children effectively.

Health & Fitness

Health issues abound for adults as well, and we want to see an entire community get healthy.  We also believe that a parent who models healthy behavior will greatly influence their child to imitate that healthy behavior, forming positive habits towards a healthier life.  Thus, parent's of registered students, who complete their volunteer hours and class requirements, have access to our gym, our running club, and many other fitness and health classes throughout the year


The Community Parent Council, a highly active group of 10 concerned parents convene once a month to discuss issues facing the community, and devise strategies to overcome those challenges.  For instance, they recently successfully lobbied the city to put new security lights and fences in the only local park that was known for drug traffic and gang activity, and negotiated a joint-use agreement with the neighboring elementary school.  Now the park is a safe, open place for children to play, even after dark. The Community Parent Council meets on the third Monday of every month from 6pm-7:30pm at KidWorks Don Donahue Center.

Support Groups- Grupos de Mamás

On a weekly basis KidWorks provides a safe space for mothers to come together, share, and learn. These mothers also have the opportunity engage in various workshops based on their interests such as nutrition, self-esteem and more.